Aurifil Designer Thread Coll Crush Kitty Wilkin

Aurifil Designer Thread Collection: Crush by Kitty Wilkin


Welcome to the world of Aurifil Designer Thread Collection! In this article, we will explore the Crush collection curated by the renowned designer Kitty Wilkin. If you are a sewing or quilting enthusiast, this collection is a must-have for your creative projects.

About the Collection

The Aurifil Designer Thread Collection: Crush is a collaboration between Aurifil and Kitty Wilkin, a talented designer known for her vibrant and modern quilting patterns. This collection features a carefully selected range of colors that will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your sewing and quilting projects.

Unleash Your Creativity

With the Crush collection, you have a palette of 12 stunning colors at your fingertips. From soft pastels to bold and vibrant hues, these threads will inspire you to create beautiful designs that truly stand out. Whether you are working on a quilt, garment, or any other sewing project, these threads will bring your vision to life.

Superior Quality

Aurifil threads are renowned for their exceptional quality. Made from 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton, these threads are strong, smooth, and lint-free. They glide effortlessly through fabric, ensuring precise and even stitches. The Crush collection threads are also suitable for machine and hand sewing, making them versatile for all your sewing needs.

Endless Possibilities

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced quilter, the Crush collection offers endless possibilities. The vibrant colors can be used for piecing, appliqué, embroidery, and quilting. Let your imagination run wild and create stunning projects that reflect your unique style.


The Aurifil Designer Thread Collection: Crush by Kitty Wilkin is a must-have for any sewing and quilting enthusiast. With its exquisite range of colors and superior quality, this collection will elevate your creative projects to new heights. Get your hands on the Crush collection today and let your creativity soar!