Dupli-Color HVP104 Gloss Black Vinyl & Fabric Coating: The Perfect Solution for Interior Restoration and Customization

Are you looking to restore or customize the interior of your vehicle? Look no further than Dupli-Color HVP104 Gloss Black Vinyl & Fabric Coating. This high-quality aerosol spray is specifically designed to rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of your vinyl seats, dashboards, door panels, shifter boots, and consoles.

Why Choose Dupli-Color HVP104?

Unlike other products on the market, Dupli-Color HVP104 offers a range of unique features that make it the perfect choice for your interior restoration and customization needs:

Maximum Adhesion Promoter

With Dupli-Color HVP104, there’s no need for a separate primer. This coating is formulated with a maximum adhesion promoter, ensuring excellent bonding to the surface without any additional preparation.

Flexible Self-Priming Formula

The flexible self-priming formula of Dupli-Color HVP104 allows for easy application and ensures a smooth and even finish. It effortlessly conforms to the contours of your interior surfaces, providing a professional-looking result.

Crack, Peel, and Chip Resistance

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to interior coatings is durability. Dupli-Color HVP104 is designed to resist cracking, flaking, and peeling, ensuring that your restored or customized interior will maintain its pristine appearance for years to come.

How to Use Dupli-Color HVP104

Using Dupli-Color HVP104 is a breeze. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Clean the surface: Ensure that the surface you are coating is clean and free from any dirt, grease, or debris.
  2. Shake the can: Shake the can vigorously for one minute to ensure proper mixing of the formula.
  3. Test spray: Before applying the coating to the entire surface, test spray on a small, inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility and desired results.
  4. Apply the coating: Hold the can approximately 10-12 inches away from the surface and apply the coating in smooth, even strokes. For best results, apply multiple thin coats rather than one heavy coat.
  5. Dry and cure: Allow the coating to dry to the touch in 30 minutes. It can be handled after 1 hour. For optimal durability, allow the coating to cure for 7 days before subjecting it to heavy use or cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Dupli-Color HVP104 be used on leather surfaces?

No, Dupli-Color HVP104 is specifically formulated for vinyl and fabric surfaces. For leather surfaces, we recommend using a dedicated leather coating product.

2. Can Dupli-Color HVP104 be used on exterior surfaces?

No, Dupli-Color HVP104 is designed for interior use only. For exterior surfaces, we recommend using Dupli-Color’s range of automotive paints and coatings.

3. How long will the coating last?

When applied correctly and with proper care, Dupli-Color HVP104 can last for several years. However, the longevity of the coating may vary depending on factors such as usage, cleaning methods, and exposure to sunlight.


Dupli-Color HVP104 Gloss Black Vinyl & Fabric Coating is the ultimate solution for restoring and customizing your vehicle’s interior. With its maximum adhesion promoter, flexible self-priming formula, and resistance to cracking, flaking, and peeling, this coating provides a long-lasting and professional finish. Say goodbye to worn-out interiors and hello to a refreshed and personalized look with Dupli-Color HVP104.