Instant Power Portable Suitcase Inverter Petrol Generator

Instant Power Portable Suitcase Inverter Petrol Generator

Instant Power Inverter Generators is a compact lightweight generator that offers great value for money and premium quality to boot. With a powerful 4 stroke engine, there’s no need to mix fuel since the Instant Power Portable Inverter runs on standard petrol, providing a minimum of 6 hours running time (on eco mode). It’s simple to use, and anyone of a suitable age can operate this inverter. Simply fill with petrol, prime the generator, pull on the cord and you’re ready to go.

Huge Capacity

The Instant Power Generator provides 230V AC power and a max output of 1200w, enabling you access to a reliable power source when you need it most. It’s a must-have accessory for camping, caravans, outdoor events, sporting events, boats, power tools, weddings, fishing, hunting, construction, in case of emergencies, and so many more uses. It’s there for you when you need it most, providing a perfect backup to domestic power in case of power cuts during severe weather and storms.

Excellent Portability & Safety

Although small in size and super lightweight, the Instant Power Inverter Generator packs a powerful punch. It weighs just 15kg, so it’s a breeze to transport and store, and compact in design so it will easily fit in your car, boat, or RV. With a shutdown feature on low oil and an overload protection, the Inverter Generator provides power and safety. With Nassboards, you’ll also receive a 0.5L bottle of 10W-30 Oil, Spark Plug Removal Tool, and DC Charging Wires.

Pure Sine Wave Power

The Instant Power 1200w Generator has advanced Pure Sine Wave technology, which produces a constant voltage and frequency stability of between + or -1%, the same quality of clean electricity that you typically get from your electric company. With a standard UK 3 pin socket and a 12v DC Output, it’s ideal for powering sensitive equipment with microprocessors such as computers, phones, tablets, TVs, game consoles, printers, DVD players, even kitchen appliances, and power tools.

Reduced Noise

The Instant Power is quiet in operation compared to large traditional generators, with very low fuel consumption allowing it to run for hours on a single tank on economy mode. The Economy throttle automatically adjusts the engine speed to match the load for greater fuel efficiency and a lower noise level. The economy switch will also allow the generator to idle when no power is being drawn, reducing fuel consumption and stress on the engine while improving cost efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Conclusion: The Instant Power Portable Suitcase Inverter Petrol Generator is a reliable and portable power source that offers convenience and peace of mind. With its compact design, powerful performance, and advanced features, it is suitable for various applications. Whether you’re camping, hosting outdoor events, or in need of backup power during emergencies, this generator has got you covered.