KrysGo Tall Black URBI 75 cm Plastic Flower Pot with Internal Liner and self Watering System

KrysGo Tall Black URBI 75 cm Plastic Flower Pot with Internal Liner and self Watering System

The flowerpot is recommended for all kinds of houseplants. The textured page is made with the utmost precision and attention to detail. Her natural beauty is not a style of elegance, but a minimalist one. Just like stone – durable and resistant to wear. A remarkable decoration and interior of public facilities.

Main Advantages

  • Interesting pattern
  • Fits modern as well as elegant interiors
  • Universal colour

SET includes:

  • Flower pot
  • Inner pot
  • Second bottom
  • Water pipe with a float

The system of irrigation used in our pots is carried out from below the soil and wicks upwards, commonly called sub-irrigation.

The second bottom is equipped with a number of holes that allow water poured into the pot to freely climb up to drain and feed the roots of the plants. As a drainage, the usual claydite (not included) of fine fraction can be used.

The float is a tubule, which is an indicator of the water level in the pot with auto-irrigation, gradually dropping from the mark to MAX, as the water consumes the pot.

The principle of operation is very simple. The transplanted plant sprouts in 2-8 weeks in the drainage (claydite) and begins to drink water on its own. Since this moment, the watering of the plant is not required, all you need is to top up the water in time, raising the float to the MAX level and adding liquid fertilizer to the water every 1-2 months according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

After transplanting the plant in the plant, it requires classical watering until the roots grow into the drainage, usually in 2-12 weeks (depending on the growth).

For the transplantation use a floral primer, immediately after the transplantation fertilizer is not required and can even do harm (can burn roots). The first fertilizer should be introduced no earlier than 2 months after transplantation.

Colour: Anthracite (matt finish)
Dimensions: L 40 cm x W 40 cm x H 75 cm / Volume: 37L (insert) / 91.5L (flower pot)
Made of high quality plastic (polypropylene)
Can be used indoor or outdoor – polypropylene is resistant to UV light and thanks to thick material resistant to damage wear and tear.
Flowerpots with a very modern design. Thanks to the smooth, matt walls, the pots of this series will add style and elegance to any home or office. They can be used as casings, but also as flower pots.