Mupera X-Large Shoe Storage Boxes – Upgrade White Clear Shoe Boxes

Mupera X-Large Shoe Storage Boxes – Upgrade White Clear Shoe Boxes

Mupera XL Large Shoe Storage Box makes your life more organized and tidy. Place your Mupera shoes organizer around the house to prevent messy in any room.

Premium Quality Shoe Storage

Each storage container fits shoes up to US size 15. Heels, flats, high-top sneakers, flip flops, sandals, wedges, and booties are suitable in these clear storage bins.

Premium quality – This clear plastic shoe box is made of sturdy ABS and PP with high hardness, firmness, and no deformation. Besides, large ventilation holes ensure air circulation and odor prevention.

X-Large Size

The dimension of these XL shoe storage boxes is 14.2″*10.24″*8.3″. This sneaker shoe holder fits most shoes up to Women US size 15, Men US 14. It is big enough to display men’s basketball shoes or women’s heels shoes.

Full Use of Space

The clear stackable shoe bins design can make full use of your space. You can get them stacked to keep shoes neatly organized and easy to find. This shoe storage box is especially suitable for placing at the entrance of the house, closet, bedroom, living room, etc.

Easy to Move

This stackable plastic shoe case is lightweight and inclusive and can be placed anywhere you want. There are connection points between each shoe cabinet, connecting the surrounding shoe cabinets, which can be arranged in any way you like.

Transparency & Easy Assembly

With a completely clear door, you can easily find the shoes, saving time and effort. These shoe containers just require simple assembly. Please refer to the installation steps of Mupera shoe cubby.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Are these shoe boxes stackable?
  • How easy is the assembly process?
  • Can I use these shoe storage boxes for other items?


The Mupera X-Large Shoe Storage Boxes are the perfect solution for keeping your shoes organized and easily accessible. With their premium quality, X-Large size, and stackable design, these shoe storage boxes make the most efficient use of your space. The transparency and easy assembly further enhance their usability. Say goodbye to messy shoe piles and hello to a neat and tidy home with Mupera shoe storage boxes.