Nenuco On A Walk with Mateo Baby Doll with Baby Carrier

Nenuco On A Walk with Mateo Baby Doll with Baby Carrier


Time to take a walk with the cutest Nenuco Baby Doll around… Mateo! With the included baby carrier, you’ll be able to take Mateo wherever you want. Put your baby in the carrier, adjust his safety belt, and strap it to your chest with the adjustable belt. When you want to rest, you can even turn the baby carrier into a baby hammock! This doll comes with accessories like a dummy and baby bottle, making playtime even more realistic. Let’s dive into the world of Nenuco and discover the joy it brings to children.

Main Features

Baby Carrier

The Nenuco On A Walk with Mateo Baby Doll comes with a baby carrier that allows you to carry Mateo comfortably. The carrier has an adjustable belt that can be strapped to your chest, ensuring a secure fit. It also features a safety belt to keep Mateo in place while you’re on the move.

Baby Hammock

When you need a break from walking, you can easily transform the baby carrier into a baby hammock. Simply adjust the straps and let Mateo relax and swing gently. It’s a great way to provide a cozy resting spot for your little one.


Included with the Nenuco Baby Doll are accessories like a dummy and baby bottle. These accessories allow your child to mimic real-life baby care activities and enhance their imaginative play. The doll’s hat adds an adorable touch to Mateo’s outfit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the baby doll fit in the carrier without any issues?

Yes, the baby doll is designed to fit perfectly in the carrier. The adjustable safety belt ensures that the doll stays in place during playtime.

2. Is the baby carrier comfortable to wear?

Yes, the baby carrier is designed to be comfortable for both children and adults. The adjustable belt allows for a secure and snug fit, ensuring a pleasant experience while carrying Mateo.

3. Can the baby carrier be used with other dolls?

While the baby carrier is specifically designed for the Nenuco Baby Doll, it may also fit other dolls of similar size. However, we recommend using it with the intended doll for the best fit and functionality.


The Nenuco On A Walk with Mateo Baby Doll with Baby Carrier is a delightful toy that allows children to engage in imaginative play and develop their social skills. With the ability to take Mateo on walks and transform the carrier into a hammock, this doll offers endless fun and creativity. The included accessories add to the realism and provide a more immersive play experience. Give your child the joy of caring for their own baby doll with Nenuco.