Nuokix Avr Sx440 Module Automatic Voltage Regulator for Newage Stamford Generator Dho Scanning


The Nuokix Avr Sx440 Module is an automatic voltage regulator designed for Newage Stamford generators. It is a two-phase sensed AVR that forms part of the excitation system for a brush-less generator. The AVR senses the voltage in the main generator winding and controls the power fed to the exciter stator and main rotor to maintain the generator output voltage within the specified limits. It compensates for load speed, temperature, and power factor of the generator.


– Colour: Black
– Material: Metal + PC
– Sensing Input:
– Voltage: 190-264V AC max, 1 phase 2 wire
– Frequency: 50-60Hz nominal
– Power Input:
– Voltage: 140-220V AC max, 3 phase, 3 wire
– Current: 3A/phase
– Frequency: 100-120Hz nominal
– Output:
– Voltage: max 120V/DC
– Current: continuous 2.7A/DC, intermittent 6A for 10 secs
– Resistance: 15 ohms minimum
– Regulation: +/-1%
– Thermal drift: 0.03% per deg.C change in AVR ambient
– Soft start ramp time: 3 sec
– Typical System Response:
– AVR response: 10ms
– Field current to 90%: 80ms
– Machine Volts to 97%: 300ms
– External voltage adjustment: +/-10% with 1k ohm 1W trimmer
– Under Frequency:
– Set point: 95%Hz
– Slope: 170% down to 30Hz
– Unit Power Dissipation: 12 watts maximum
– Analogue Input:
– Maximum input: +/-5V/DC
– Sensitivity: 1V for 5% Generator Volts (adjustable)
– Input resistance: 1k ohm
– Quadrature Droop Input:
– 10 ohms burden
– Max. sensitivity: 0.07A for 5% droop OPF
– Max. input: 0.33A
– Over Excitation:
– Set point: 75V/DC
– Time relay: 10 sec
– Environmental:
– Vibration: 20-100Hz (50mm/sec), 100Hz-2kHz
– Operating temperature: -40°C to +70°C
– Relative Humidity: 95%
– Storage temperature: -55°C to +80°C

Package Contents

– 1 x Automatic Voltage Regulator

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The Nuokix Avr Sx440 Module is a high-quality automatic voltage regulator designed specifically for Newage Stamford generators. It ensures that the generator output voltage remains stable and within the specified limits, regardless of the load speed, temperature, and power factor. With its advanced sensing and control capabilities, this AVR guarantees reliable and efficient power generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of an automatic voltage regulator?

An automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is used to regulate the voltage output of a generator. It ensures that the voltage remains stable within the specified limits, compensating for variations in load, temperature, and power factor.

2. Can the Nuokix Avr Sx440 Module be used with other generators?

Yes, the Nuokix Avr Sx440 Module can be used with other similarly equipped generators. It has the facility for droop CT connection, allowing parallel running with other generators.

3. What is the operating temperature range of the AVR?

The Nuokix Avr Sx440 Module has an operating temperature range of -40°C to +70°C. It is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and ensure reliable performance in various environments.


The Nuokix Avr Sx440 Module is a reliable and efficient automatic voltage regulator for Newage Stamford generators. With its advanced sensing and control capabilities, it ensures stable and consistent voltage output, compensating for load speed, temperature, and power factor. Whether you need to regulate the voltage for industrial or residential applications, this AVR is the perfect choice. Trust Nuokix for all your voltage regulation needs.