RecPro RV Water Tank Monitor System Probeless Adhesive Sensors

RecPro RV Water Tank Monitor System Probeless Adhesive Sensors

Get accurate readings and peace of mind with the RecPro RV Water Tank Monitor System Probeless Adhesive Sensors. This kit includes a control panel, adhesive sensors, and wire extensions for easy installation and use. Monitor your battery, LPG, and water levels, and control your water pump and heater with this durable and convenient system.


  • Kit comes with (1) control panel, (3) adhesive sensors sets, and (3) 15-foot wire extensions
  • Adhesive sensors
    • 3 sensors per bundle
    • Rust-resistant
    • For use with Smart M board and 15′ Single Tank Wire Extension
  • Control board
    • Dimensions: 5″L
    • Dimensions: 3 1/4″H
    • Voltage: 12V DC
    • Color: unpainted
    • Easy readout
    • Monitor LP tank levels
    • Control for water pump
    • Control for water heater
    • Includes fault light
    • Monitors battery levels
    • Monitors black, grey, and freshwater levels
    • 15-foot wire extension
  • Wire extension for adhesive sensors
    • Length: 15 feet
    • Single tank
    • Multicolor cords
    • Durable, high-quality materials

Easy to Install and Use

This RecPro RV Water Tank Monitor System is designed to be easy to install and use. The adhesive sensors stick to the outside of the tank, eliminating the need to pierce the tank. Simply stick the sensors to your tank, connect the cords, and you’re good to go. No complicated installation process or special tools required.

Durable and Reliable

These adhesive sensors are made from rust-resistant materials, ensuring their durability and longevity. They are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of RVing and will provide accurate readings for the life of your tank. You can trust that these sensors will give you reliable information about your tank levels.

Complete Monitoring System

The control panel included in this kit allows you to monitor various aspects of your RV’s water system. You can easily check the levels of your battery, LPG, and water, ensuring that you are always prepared for your adventures. The control panel also gives you control over your water pump and water heater, allowing you to adjust them as needed.

Convenient Tank Level Display

The control panel features label lights that indicate the level of water in your fresh, grey, and black water tanks. This allows you to easily see when your tanks need to be filled or emptied, saving you time and effort. With this convenient display, you can always stay on top of your tank levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I install the adhesive sensors myself?

Yes, the adhesive sensors are designed for easy installation. Simply stick them to the outside of your tank and connect the cords.

2. Can I use these sensors with any RV water tank?

These sensors are compatible with most RV water tanks. However, it is always recommended to check the specifications and compatibility before purchasing.

3. How long are the wire extensions?

The wire extensions included in this kit are 15 feet long, providing ample length for easy installation.

4. Can I monitor multiple tanks with this system?

Yes, this system allows you to monitor multiple tanks, including black, grey, and freshwater tanks.


The RecPro RV Water Tank Monitor System Probeless Adhesive Sensors are the perfect solution for monitoring your RV’s water system. With easy installation, durable sensors, and a convenient control panel, this system provides accurate readings and peace of mind. Say goodbye to complicated tank monitoring and hello to a hassle-free RVing experience.