Stackers Taupe Supersize Jewellery Box – Set of 3

Stackers Taupe Supersize Jewellery Box – Set of 3

About Stackers

The Stackers brand was born out of a love for organization and the concept of “everything having its own place”. What started as a range of jewelry and makeup organizers has now expanded to include unique designs for the home, as well as practical travel and lifestyle accessories.

Create Your Own Tailored Jewelry Box

As your jewelry collection grows, it’s important to have a storage solution that can accommodate your expanding treasures. With the Stackers Taupe Supersize Jewellery Box, you can create your own jewelry box tailored to your collection.

Don’t let your jewelry get tangled, tarnished, and forgotten. Organize your collection with the Stackers jewellery box. The taupe color with a grey velvet lining adds a touch of elegance to your storage solution.

The set consists of three boxes: a lid, a trinkets layer, and a watch/accessories layer. The dimensions of the jewellery box are 25cm x 36cm x 18cm, providing ample space for your precious items.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I add more layers to the jewellery box?

Unfortunately, the Stackers Taupe Supersize Jewellery Box is designed as a set of three boxes and cannot be expanded with additional layers. However, the three boxes provide ample space for most jewelry collections.

2. Is the velvet lining gentle on delicate jewelry?

Yes, the grey velvet lining of the Stackers jewellery box is soft and gentle on delicate jewelry. It helps prevent scratches and keeps your items in pristine condition.

3. Can I use the jewellery box for travel?

While the Stackers Taupe Supersize Jewellery Box is not specifically designed for travel, it can be used to transport your jewelry safely. The sturdy construction and secure compartments ensure that your items stay organized and protected during your journey.

Organize your jewelry collection with the Stackers Taupe Supersize Jewellery Box. Designed in London, this set of 3 boxes allows you to create your own tailored jewelry box. Keep your jewelry untangled, tarnish-free, and easily accessible.