Tidy Tot Bib – The Perfect Solution for Mess-Free Baby Led Weaning

Tidy Tot Bib – The Perfect Solution for Mess-Free Baby Led Weaning


Introducing the Tidy Tot Bib, the ultimate accessory for stress-free baby led weaning (BLW). Designed with both parents and babies in mind, this innovative bib offers a comfortable and mess-free feeding experience.

Why Choose the Tidy Tot Bib?

When it comes to baby led weaning, mess is inevitable. However, with the Tidy Tot Bib, you can minimize the mess and make mealtime a breeze. Here’s why parents love it:

  • Complete Coverage: The Tidy Tot Bib features a short sleeve design that provides full coverage, ensuring that no food or liquids end up on your baby’s clothes or highchair.
  • Adhesive Attachment: The bib comes with a unique adhesive attachment that securely sticks to the highchair tray, preventing any gaps or hollow spaces where food can fall through.
  • Comfortable and Soft: Made from high-quality, soft materials, the Tidy Tot Bib is gentle on your baby’s skin and provides a comfortable fit.
  • Easy to Clean: Cleaning up after mealtime is a breeze with the Tidy Tot Bib. Simply wipe it clean or toss it in the washing machine for a thorough clean.

How to Use the Tidy Tot Bib

Using the Tidy Tot Bib is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Attach the adhesive strip to the highchair tray, ensuring a secure fit.
  2. Slip the bib over your baby’s head, making sure the short sleeves cover their arms completely.
  3. Secure the bib to the adhesive strip, creating a seal that prevents any food from falling through.
  4. Enjoy a mess-free mealtime with your baby!


The Tidy Tot Bib is a game-changer for parents embarking on the baby led weaning journey. Say goodbye to messy highchairs and stained clothes, and hello to stress-free mealtime. Invest in the Tidy Tot Bib today and make feeding your baby a breeze!