VJOYCAR 3D HUD Head Up Display Universal GPS Speedometer for Cars

VJOYCAR 3D HUD Head Up Display Universal GPS Speedometer for Cars

This is a 3D HUD (head-up display), getting power supply from car via USB cable, and collecting all data speed, trip time, trip distance, satellites quantity, altitude from GPS satellites, therefore, it’s universal for all normal and special vehicles include electric-car, diesel car, hybrid car, LPG, truck, bus, SUV, ATV and so on. It has overspeed alarm, and fatigue driving alarm function also.

Why HUD?

My car dashboard has speed.

When driving speed at 60MPH, head down for 1 second, like a blind to drive for 16.67 miles.

This is a latest high definition 3D LCD TFT HUD of 3D reflection display, no need to paste the film on the car windshield as normal HUD, it can project and display the data on its own display directly. A normal HUD always has double image under direct sunshine, therefore this HD mirror HUD can display without any double image.


It’s a universal digital speedometer GPS HUD for all cars, collecting driving speed time and all other info from GPS satellites. USB cable connects the HUD to the car USB port or car adaptor (some old cars don’t have USB port, then just connect it to a car adaptor), so it can work on all vehicles including electric-car, diesel car, hybrid car, LPG, truck, SUV, ATV, pick-up, and so on. USB install, no relation to car engine, no damage to your car computer!

HUD Display

This HUD can display car driving speed, real-time clock, trip driving distance, trip driving time, GPS signal, and altitude. It has 6 kinds of interfaces: speed, speed+clock, speed+trip distance, speed+trip time, speed+altitude, speed+satellites quantity. The default speed unit is MPH, but it can be switched to KM/H in the setting.

HUD Alarms

It features fatigue driving alarm and overspeed alarm. The overspeed alarm includes 1 level speed alarm or 4 level speed alarm (60-100-120-180), each value can be turned on/off according to your needs. You can freely drive between the country and the city.

Popular HUD

It has a classic blue and white design, displaying driving speed and time/speed/altitude/trip time/trip distance. For the first-time usage, please take off the screen protection films on both sides and make sure to plug it into a 5V USB output. If you find the speed is inaccurate, please contact me for assistance in calibration.