Water Filter AcalaQuell Sunny

Water Filter AcalaQuell Sunny

What is the #1 reason we should filter our drinking water?

It’s because of what you can find in tap or plastic bottled water! Ewww! Toxins such as chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, medication, and hormones can be present.

Why Choose AcalaQuell Sunny?

AcalaQuell Sunny is not your ordinary water filter jug. Not even close! Our filter technology – design and performance – guarantees high-quality drinking water. Customers rave about it and say the water tastes “DELICIOUS”!

Good Stuff We Offer:

  • Coffee and tea have a better quality and taste
  • Bioceramic element releases calcium and magnesium ions into the water
  • Good minerals stay in the water
  • Creates living water using the PI-Technology
  • Pore size of Micro Sponge is only 1 μm, smaller than the bacteria in water
  • Filter Cartridge stays fully efficient
  • Transparent filter cartridge enables you to see what’s going on
  • Eco-friendly
  • Economical use of space in the fridge
  • Hygienic packaging
  • The plastic used does not leech substances into the water (German standards)
  • Usable everywhere – at home, while traveling, outdoors
  • Kids and older people can use it easily
  • Top customer service
  • Designed and developed in Germany

Bad Stuff We Leave Out:

  • NO pressure is exerted on the water
  • NO glue is used in the carbon filter, we use a net
  • NO electricity needed and so no danger
  • NO electro smoke
  • NO need for carrying water bottles
  • NO medication left
  • NO heavy metals
  • NO hormones
  • NO pesticides

AcalaQuell Sunny is a high-quality water filter that suits even the smaller budget. Add the AcalaQuell Sunny to your Cart and drinking water is a pleasure.

About this item

MULTI-LAYERED FILTRATION – up to 99% of all toxins are taken out! This multi-layered filtration results demonstrably in a very high water quality: Retention: Chlorine 99.9%, Metals such as Lead 99.9%, Copper from 93 to 99.9%, Silver, uranium, 99.9%, Pesticides such as Lindane 99.9%, Atrazine 99.9%, Bentazone 99.9%, Trihalogene 99.23%.


WATER FILTER WITH MICRO SPONGE – Pore size of only 1 μm (1 millionth of a meter) which is smaller than the bacteria in water. This Micro Sponge stops all dust and rust and other floating particles. Only clear water can pass through the fine pores and so the AcalaQuell filter cartridge remains free of dust or rust and therefore fully efficient over the entire period of use.

The PI-TECHNOLOGY developed in Japan and Germany gives back your water the qualities of a natural spring. It uses a magnet and various rocks to bring tap water to the vibrational level of human cells (per Shinji Makino). These materials are meticulously integrated into the AcalaQuell Sunny.

The AcalaQuell filter cartridge:

  1. ION EXCHANGER removes/reduces lime, nitrate, and heavy metals
  2. High-tech ACTIVATED CARBON with an excellent retention capacity (Iodine value 1200) removes pollutants! Pesticides, heavy metals, drug residues, etc. are securely restrained!
  3. PI-Mineralisation transforms your water with sophisticated materials like ceramic fired tourmaline, calcium, magnesium, magnets, ceramic EM (Effective Microorganisms), and quartz sand into fresh water equal to spring water

Take the AcalaQuell Water Filter Challenge! Compare the drinking water quality or taste to: Brita Water filter, Aquaphor, Aqua Optima, Ecobud, BWT, Eva water filter, or any water filter jug or system. Our water treatment technology has evolved from intense R&D in combination with the principles of nature. YOUR DRINKING WATER passes through various stages until you have mild, soft water available. Since no pressure is exerted on the water, your drinking water has time to unfold, like a good wine.